"Remember Nick, you’re going to school so you don’t have to paint the rest of your life."

These are the words my dad said to me every summer I came home from college to run my painting business in the Chicago suburb of St. Charles. After 5 years, I swore I would never paint again. Now, as I finish my 18th year as a painting contractor, I wonder where I went wrong.

In all seriousness though, painting has been one of the best things to happen to me. It took me a long time to learn many lessons, the hard way, but in 2017 my company won Best of Colorado from ColoradoBiz Magazine and we are the largest interior residential painting contractor in the Denver Metro area.

But why start a podcast? Well, I’ve been a podcaster for 8 years now. It all started with my friend John Erbert, the owner of the largest residential lawn care business in Denver, as we created Small Business Naked. We emailed business founders we’d read about in Inc. and Entrepreneur to ask if we could interview them on what it really takes to succeed in small business, and many of them said yes! Later down the road, this led to creating The Chaise Lounge, one of the most popular interior design podcasts on iTunes, where I interview top designers from across the country to figure out how they got into interior design, why they started their own firm, and what has made them flourish. The Chaise Lounge has built my personal brand and helped me forge relationships with designers and industry leaders all over the world.

Now, the time has come to dive into the world of painting podcasting. I will be interviewing successful painting contractors to coach young painters as they start their businesses. I will share some of the tough lessons I’ve learned along my journey.

Nick May

Nick lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado with his wife and two boys. He loves learning about business, playing soccer, and traveling with his family (not necessarily in that order). Nick believes highly in systems for everything (even in raising his boys). He loves talking about marketing and LOVES helping others do more, achieve more, and reach their potential. Join Nick each week as he puts down the brush and helps YOU make more money.