99 Problems But A Brush Ain't One | S5E1 | Pro Painter Podcast - Pro Painter Network

Morgan Knox brings Nick May onto the show to start off the season with a discussion about all of the talk they’ve been hearing about the biggest problems in the painting industry.

In this episode:

  • Nick’s #1 Problem: 6:40
  • Fighting Fires & Proper Delegation: 8:35
  • Why is Admin So Hard?: 10:35
  • Tips to Find & Keep Good People: 13:50
  • Clear Communication: 22:45
  • How to REALLY Find Solutions: 25:20
  • Rules for What Projects to Say Yes or No To: 36:40

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Moore Marketing Minute:

This week, Tyler LaChapelle of DOS-M emphasizes the importance of having a strong unique selling proposition (USP).