A Peek Into Commercial Painting With Green Pro Painting's Greg Miller | S4E3 | Pro Painter Podcast - Pro Painter Network

A Peek Into Commercial Painting With Green Pro Painting’s Greg Miller | S4E3 | Pro Painter Podcast

Hosted by Nick May w/ guest Greg Miller

Welcome back to the Pro Painter Podcast! This week, Nick May chats with Green Pro Painting‘s Greg Miller from Greenvile, South Carolina!
Greg started painting at a young age, working for a cousin for several years. Over time he acquired experience in both residential and commercial painting. He finally founded his company while attending college, initially doing residential repaints and later focusing on commercial projects. Green Pro Painting has worked with companies such as BMW and Volvo!
Commercial painting involves large, ambitious projects, and working with big companies. While that may sound enticing to some painters, Greg warns us to not jump head-first into it. In many ways it’s a bigger, badder beast than residential painting, and a great example of big risk, big reward. Fortunately, Greg is a risk-taker willing to share his stories of learning, success, and for good measure, mistakes.
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