Are You Ready For Winter? | Webinar w/ Nick May & Tyler LaChapelle (DOS-M) - Pro Painter Network

Are You Ready For Winter? | Webinar w/ Nick May & Tyler LaChapelle (DOS-M)

Nick May says you should Always Be Marketing!

Longtime fans of the Pro Painter Podcast (nee The Business Brush) and Nick May have heard this before, and will absolutely hear it again. When it comes to marketing your paint contracting business, you can’t rest on your laurels. Just because you’re booked out now doesn’t mean that’ll stay true forever.

In other words, you have to Always Be Marketing.

Are You Ready For Winter? Webinar | Always Be Marketing bullet points slide

As a paint contractor, there are any number of reasons why you should never lose sight of the marketing grind. Yes it can get tiresome over time, but it will get more intuitive and easier as you go. And the benefits can’t be overstated:

  • Avoid the feast and famine cycle
  • Keep your prices high
  • Less stress
  • More choice, better projects
  • Power to say “NO”

Market intelligently, so your campaigns see results!

If there’s one single takeaway from Tyler LaChapelle’s presentation (and there’s actually about twenty) – it’s that building and managing effective campaigns are where painting contractors most frequently drop the ball in their marketing.

Generally speaking, Tyler asserts that you can’t go wrong by prioritizing mobile-first web design, and by always being intentional and strategic with your landing pages.

Are You Ready For Winter? Webinar | Landing page optimization demo

AdWords: Campaign Strategy, Keyword Strategy & Tools

Knowing the difference between SEO and SEM, strategies for landing page optimization, and demographic targeting are just a few of the golden nuggets that Tyler offered during our webinar. He also spent time going into great detail about the types of keywords to care about, filtering out the chaff, and how to make sure to focus your marketing strategies in your local area.

It’s really far too much information to summarize in this short blog without doing both Tyler and the information a huge disservice – so we recommend you just watch the full video of the webinar below. You’ll get deep dives and overviews of all the following:

  • Effective AdWords campaign strategies
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Smart Campaigns (and why you should avoid them)
  • Landing page strategies and optimizations
  • Conversion incentives
  • A/B testing
  • Targeting and demographic controls
  • Great tools that will help you to dial in your marketing efforts so that you can keep booking those projects!

Tyler was even kind enough (and on his game enough) to create a dedicated demonstration web page, just for this occasion! You can check out some of his notes and follow along with the presentation here. And be sure to reach out to Tyler at DOS-M for all your digital solutions and marketing needs.

*This video will be restricted to members-only on Oct. 9th, so watch it while you can or get your Pro Painter Network membership today!


Pro Painter Network Webinar: Are You Ready For Winter?

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