Legal Counselor Karalynn Cromeens: Putting the "Contract" in "Contractor" | S4E9 | Pro Painter Podcast - Pro Painter Network

Legal Counselor Karalynn Cromeens: Putting the “Contract” in “Contractor” | S4E9 | Pro Painter Podcast

Hosted by Nick May w/ guest Karalynn Cromeens

Welcome back to the Pro Painter Podcast! This week’s guest is not a painting contractor. Today, Nick May chats with Karalynn Cromeens, a legal counselor armed with a Juris Doctorate and nearly two decades of experience in construction law.
Systems and processes don’t refer to just procedures in your way of doing business or painting. They also involve the legal responsibilities you hold as a service provider. That’s right, at any moment, someone can take you to court for whatever reason. Getting sued is no fun; it costs you money, time, resources, sometimes people, or even your business.
Karalynn will give us an overview of the key areas in your business that need special attention. She guides us through different types of contracts – for employees or clients – and what you should include in yours. More importantly, why contracts are crucial to protecting your business and your customers.
Follow Cromeens Law Firm on Instagram @cromeenslawfirmpllc, and check out Karalynn’s The Quit Getting Screwed Podcast. If you want to learn more, you can a copy of her book Quit Getting Screwed: Understanding and Negotiating the Subcontract on Amazon!
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