Battle Tested w/ Will Reyes | S1E7 | Pro Painter Podcast - Pro Painter Network

Hosted by Nick May w/ guest Will Reyes

Hello and welcome to the Pro Painter Podcast! Same great content with a brand-new coat of paint and a few extra treats here and there.
On this week’s episode of Pro Painter Podcast, Nick May sits down with Will Reyes from Battle Born Painting.  Will does it all, working with cabinets, exteriors and interiors, along with floor coatings.  Originally a bartender, Will tells his story on how he transitioned into painting.  He reflects on some of the mistakes he made early on in his career, and tries to convince Nick on why he should get into floor coatings.
Check out Will Reyes’ company, Battle Born Painting, at, or on Instagram @Battlebornpainting1864.
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