Common Market Madrigal (w/ JB Brown) | S5E7 | Pro Painter Podcast

Remember a few weeks ago when JB Brown visited Morgan on the show? Of course you do! We talked all about growing your marketing share during a recession, and the importance of having a strong unique sales proposition. This week JB is back, and joins Morgan to break down the big long list of marketing […]

You Gotta Be | S5E3 | Pro Painter Podcast

Nick is back already! That’s right, another episode with Pro Painter Network founder and owner of Walls By Design, Nick May. In the second part of their conversation (from this season’s premiere episode), Morgan and Nick really focus on how to weather changing tides and oncoming storms. What can we learn from the past and […]

Questions (w/ Nick May) | S5E6 | Pro Painter Podcast

Your host Morgan Knox is joined once again this week by Pro Painter Network founder Nick May, also of Walls By Design. In an earlier episode we teased a discussion on Peter Drucker and this week, we deliver! Have you asked yourself Peter Drucker’s Five Most Important Questions? Morgan and Nick focus on several of […]

Mo Money Mo Problems (w/ Torlando Hakes) | S5E5 | Pro Painter Podcast

After seeing so much public discussion on some of the biggest problems facing our industry, Morgan sat down with Torlando Hakes to review these thoughts and throw down some more. Come with us and take an eagle-eye view of the painting industry that stretches as far back as the Industrial Revolution. Wait, seriously? Yeah! It’s […]

(What) No One Knows | S5E4 | Pro Painter Podcast

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some insight into how to grow your market share during a recession? Well then we’ve got a show for you. This week, Morgan is joined by JB Brown as they discuss how to strengthen your existing marketing efforts – and when and how to strike to grow your market […]

You Get What You Give | S5E2 | Pro Painter Podcast

Morgan is joined by Estimate Rocket’s Chris Shank, The Education Guy. Chris is an old friend of the Pro Painter Network and was with us at the start, even shepherding so much of the Roadmap to Profit. Together Morgan and Chris explore the nature of learning as a lifelong pursuit and what it truly means […]

99 Problems But A Brush Ain’t One | S5E1 | Pro Painter Podcast

Morgan Knox brings Nick May onto the show to start off the season with a discussion about all of the talk they’ve been hearing about the biggest problems in the painting industry. In this episode: Nick’s #1 Problem: 6:40 Fighting Fires & Proper Delegation: 8:35 Why is Admin So Hard?: 10:35 Tips to Find & […]

Passing the Torch with Morgan Knox | S4E10 | Pro Painter Podcast

Hosted by Nick May w/ guest Morgan Knox Hey there! Glad to see you again for another episode of the Pro Painter Podcast. We have come to the end of the fourth season; we hope this journey has served as a learning experience for you. We are not done yet, however! This week, Nick May […]

Value Proposition with Nick May | S4E8 | Pro Painter Podcast

Hosted by Nick May Hi there! Welcome back to the Pro Painter Podcast. Today, Nick May sits down with… actually there’s no guest this week. Don’t worry, nobody bailed on us. This week we bring you a Nick May solo episode. Nick is all about connecting with people, and guiding painters on how to do business. […]