Holiday Projects can be the BEST!

Preparing for the Holidays doesn’t have to be stressful I know you’re still putting on the bug spray and suntan lotion, but hear me out: there is never a better time than right now to plan your interior painting project for the holiday season! As you’re probably aware, contractors’ schedules are currently packed. You call […]

September Pro Painter of the Month: Zach Ausherman

Q&A with Zach Ausherman of Ausherman Painting Zach has been a PPN member since the very beginning. We chose him as your Pro Painter of the month because of his dedication to bringing great quality and experience to his clients but also for his dedication to his team. He’s been featured on recent episodes of […]

Perceived Value: Show Me What You’re Working With!

Understanding Your Perceived Value Perceived Value. noun [ U ]: MARKETING: The value of a product based on how much customers want or need it, rather than on its real price. Most painting contractors want to get paid “what I’m worth,” but many may not know where their value actually is. Is it in the length […]

What is a Customer Management System (CMS)? | Webinar w/ Nick May and Estimate Rocket

Customer Management Systems (CMS) vs. Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) What’s the difference? Why bother distinguishing between the two? Well, as Nick talked about in our webinar Wednesday night (watch the full video below for a limited time), the difference is how we use it and what it’s used for. CRM’s tend to have a focus […]

Meet the PPN Pro Painters of the Month for August 2021

A Brief Q&A with Ai Painting Plus Who are you? Lacie and Austin Ilsley of Ai Painting Plus. We are primarily a residential painting company in Columbia MO. Austin started the company in 2013 and in 2021 I (Lacie) joined as the new owner. We are a training company, and we are big onn company culture […]

In Five Months It’ll Be Winter

You should be busy every single month of the year. Time is money and if you aren’t generating profit for an entire fourth of it you’re basically wasting three months of potential revenue. So what’s a paint contractor to do?

Five Easy Ways To Get Reviews

If you’re running a business then at some point you’re gonna end up dealing with reputation management. Reviews aka customer feedback is an important part of any modern company and being able to excel at that process can provide an important competitive edge.

Paint Contracting COVID 2021

Without getting into politics it seems virtually certain that the US COVID-19 pandemic will be declared ended sometime this summer. While this is all great news the process for getting “back to normal” looks like it will be extremely gradual at best.

The Power of Focus Within Your Painting Business

Do you want to make more with less? So many of us are willing to do just about anything that has to do with paint. What if I told you that there was a way to make more money in your painting business, without spending any more time?

Guide To Paint Contractor Websites

Websites are no longer just a luxury for the most successful companies anymore. Increasingly it’s outright necessary to have a business website to be able to even compete.