Are You Ready For Winter? | Webinar w/ Nick May & Tyler LaChapelle (DOS-M)

Nick May says you should Always Be Marketing! Longtime fans of the Pro Painter Podcast (nee The Business Brush) and Nick May have heard this before, and will absolutely hear it again. When it comes to marketing your paint contracting business, you can’t rest on your laurels. Just because you’re booked out now doesn’t mean […]

What is a Customer Management System (CMS)? | Webinar w/ Nick May and Estimate Rocket

Customer Management Systems (CMS) vs. Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) What’s the difference? Why bother distinguishing between the two? Well, as Nick talked about in our webinar Wednesday night (watch the full video below for a limited time), the difference is how we use it and what it’s used for. CRM’s tend to have a focus […]