This week's episode goes all over the place, as Nick is joined by Anthony Carrino, man of many talents. A developer and designer who's had several shows on HGTV (Kitchen Cousins, et al.), a digital series for Ellen (The Build Up), and his own YouTube series ( – Anthony's also been rolling up his sleeves and picking up his own paintbrush lately.

After interviewing him for our professional interior design podcast The Chaise Lounge (have a listen), we thought we'd bring him over here for you guys to enjoy as well. His story on getting into television, moving away from television, and how to build a brand and market yourself through video and storytelling – well, there couldn't be a better time to talk about exactly that. Plus some lessons learned that came back around to his other work.

Broad-strokes include: The importance of telling a good story, picking a paint contractor, motorcycles, what's coming in season 2 of – and much more.

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