D'Franco Painting & Wallpaper Founder David Cook | S3E7 | Pro Painter Podcast - Pro Painter Network

Hosted by Nick May w/ guest David Cook

Welcome back to the Pro Painter Podcast! This week we take a little break from the usual and explore different territory: wallpaper. Nick chats with David Cook, founder of D’Franco Painting & Wallpaper.
David had been offering painting services for a while. Then one day he got called in to install wallpaper for a client. Despite never having done wallpaper, he did such a good job that the same client kept hiring him for it. David eventually incorporated wallpaper into his list of services. The growth of his business has been steady over the years, and in 2021 he reached $1M in sales!
It goes without saying that wallpaper requires a different skillset from painting. However not a lot of people are in on the details, which can lead to headaches during a project. With this in mind, David has taken action to educate clients about wallpaper in the form of an established system in his walkthrough. His priority is providing quality work and service to help customers love their living space.
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