Erika Finnegan of Roll With It Painting | S2E3 | Paint Like A Girl - Pro Painter Network

Hosted by Steph & Christina Young w/ guest Erika Finnegan

Welcome back to Paint Like A Girl! A podcast for women, by women, and all about navigating success in the world of professional painting.

Erika Finnigan, owner of Roll With It Painting, has served the same market as our hosts of Pro Image Painting LLC for nearly a decade, and in this episode the ladies discuss the importance of women supporting women and eliminating the concept of competition, as they know first hand that there’s more than enough work to go around.

Humble, kind, and a self-driven hustler, this hard-working mom has built an incredible business, reminding both her kids and herself that everything you do in this life is for yourself. She’ll share just how challenging those first few years were, and what’s in store for the future of Roll With It Painting now that she’s found her stride.

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