Estimate Rocket’s Kathy Droste and Their Newest Education Guy and PPN Alumni Chris Shank | S2E6 | Pro Painter Podcast

Hosted by Nick May w/ guests Kathy Droste and Chris Shank

Howdy! Welcome back to the Pro Painter Podcast. This week, Nick brings on our old friends Kathy Droste and Chris Shank from Estimate Rocket!
Kathy helped develop Estimate Rocket, a cloud-based system that helps service contractors improve their budgeting workflow in their projects. While the system had been successfully functioning for 5 years, the team didn’t have a structure for educating and engaging their users. Enter Chris Shank.
In case you didn’t know, Chris used to be part of iMay Media and Pro Painter Network team. He was crucial in developing our Roadmap to Profit training course, and framing and driving much of Pro Painter Network’s educational initiatives. Estimate Rocket brought him on for his vast experience in education to build a training program for estimators and painters.
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