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Five Easy Ways To Get Reviews

PPN Admin | July 8, 2021

Five Easy Ways To Get Reviews For Your Business

If you’re running a business then at some point you’re gonna end up dealing with reputation management. Reviews aka customer feedback is an important part of any modern company and being able to excel at that process can provide an important competitive edge. Being well reviewed has numerous benefits but for paint contractors it’s an absolute must. Small independent contractors practically live or die on their reputation with home owners. Having a plan on how to tackle it is a quick and easy way to boost your competitive advantage.

1. Receipts & Invoices

Five Easy Ways To Get Reviews For Your Business

Asking your customers to review you on collection of final payment can be an easy, natural, way of soliciting customer feedback. If you use an e-commerce system or email digital receipts of any kind to customers than a link to go review your business can also be included. This is a simple non-intrusive ask of the customer, post sale, that most will ignore but some will act on. Often it’s as easy as doing a great job on their home. Happy customers are far more likely to leave a great review as a way of saying thanks for a job well done. Making it as easy as possible can be a smart business move.

2. Email List

Five Easy Ways To Get Reviews For Your Business

Setting up an email list for your business can be an extremely straight-forward method of communicating with your customers on a one-on-one basis. Easiest way of doing this? Sign-up to receive special promotions form on your website. Most people have little interest in giving you their email information without getting anything in return. Once you have a growing list of email contacts you can start sending out regular emails. Whatever tactic you use is up to you (offer incentive, simple link, occasional request) based on what you feel your customers would be comfortable with. No matter what you’re sure to get a response eventually.

3. Business Cards

Five Easy Ways To Get Reviews For Your Business

Some of these are a little more self-explanatory than others. This one is just like it says on the label. You include a paragraph of text that says “Like Our Work? Review Us On Google”. You can even print the URL on the card if you really want to get the point across, it’s pretty common. Many businesses even include their social media handles on their cards. It’s a surefire way to draw attention to something customer-centric, easy to act on, and takes up very little overall space.

4. Fiverr

Five Easy Ways To Get Reviews For Your Business

If all else fails you can literally pay people to review your business. This can be a good way of rehabing your company image if it’s a bit tattered but don’t expect people to not notice how plastic your reviews are. Customers can spot obvious fakes and trying to drown out legitimate complaints could incite full-on backlash. Fix the root of the problem before trying to rehab your image.

5. Ask For Them

Five Easy Ways To Get Reviews For Your Business

When all else fails just ask. If someone told you right now to name your best customers who would come to mind? Those clients you’d do anything for? Those are the best people to directly ask. They’ll almost always say yes and most are more than happy to help. 

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