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Free Paint Contracting Tools For Your Business

PPN Admin | PPN ARTICLES | March 12, 2021

Free Paint Contracting Tools For Your Business

There are plenty of completely free resources out there for businesses of every type and industry. There are many online tech companies willing to let you use most of their products at no charge with the hope that you’ll pay for them later. This includes everything from admin to advertising and all they require is you sign-up to use their service. So if you’re looking for tools that you can use in your business or simply want to know what’s out there just read on to find out more.

Google - Free Paint Contracting Tools For Your Business

We all know about Google but did you know that they provide more services than just email and word processing? It’s true, you can get free advertising from Google My Business, free video hosting from Youtube, free website analytics from Google Analytics, and you can even make phone calls through Google Voice with a free call credit (you can even throw the phone number away when you’re done with it). Google makes many of its services totally free for you to use in the hopes that you’ll use the rest of their products so feel free to use it all. You can make spreadsheets with Google, slideshows, business presentations, and you can even store all of your company files and scheduling on their Drive and Calendar platform.

Asana - Free Paint Contracting Tools For Your Business

Asana is a project management tool that allows teams of people to track the progress and completion status of various different tasks throughout the company. Asana even allows employees to communicate with one another about the status of an outstanding task and it tracks history so you or a manager can see exactly what’s happened and what roadblocks it may be encountering. Asana is 100% free and a great way to keep everyone organized.

Paypal - Free Paint Contracting Tools For Your Business

You might remember Paypal from the 90s when eBay got big but they’re still going stronger than ever. Paypal allows you to both send and receive money online via your website or anywhere else. Paypal also provide payment processing services meaning you can accept and process credit or debit card payments anywhere with it. Square is also a very similar service and can do many of these same things should Paypal not be your favorite option out there.

Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn - Free Paint Contracting Tools For Your Business

Who doesn’t love free advertising? These sites allow you to get the name of your business out there and provide a place for customers to find you. When it comes to social media, the more the merrier, and you could get hundreds of dollars in free advertising just by taking the time to setup a profile for your business on every single one you can find. Bing, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. All of these platforms are places where customers come to look up companies so don’t miss out on no-cost business leads by not taking advantage of social media.

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