From 5-0 to Paint Pro: Travis Dahlen | S9E8 | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

You read the title right, this week’s painting professional joining Nick on The Business Brush was once a boy in blue. Welcome Travis Dahlen, who – like every single one of us – came face to face with a hard choice of priorities. A hard, dedicated, dangerous career vs. the hard, dedicated covenant of family. His love for his family won out, of course.

“Great decision, don’t regret it.”

Came up in paint, went on to protect and serve, then back to paint. With so much background working for other companies in the industry, Travis knows a thing or two about what not to do and has been carving a successful path for himself these last few years.

Broad-strokes include: The importance of finances, what he learned from Crank, DISC personality types, our Roadmap to Profits Kickstarter – and much more.

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