House of Paint and Design's Wendy Weller | S1E6 | Paint Like A Girl - Pro Painter Network

Hosted by Steph & Christina Young w/ guest Wendy Weller

Hello and welcome to Paint Like A Girl! A podcast for women, by women, and all about navigating success in the world of professional painting.
This week, Steph and Christina interview Wendy Weller, owner of House of Paint and Design in St. Louis, Missouri. Wendy is a passionate artist who will stop at nothing to push her family forward. She originally started working as a painter for some extra income for her family… and then her husband passed. For a little while, things seemed impossible.
Nevertheless, Wendy pulled through. She continued painting, climbed out of the hole, and now runs a successful business. Most importantly, she lives a comfortable, stress-free life with her children.
Her team consists of hard-working moms, all of whom enjoy painting and whose primary objective is to push their families forward. If you ever find yourself feeling like you’re in a hole, Wendy’s here to show you that you can climb right back out. See you out there!
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