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In Five Months It'll Be Winter

Aife Dunne | July 26, 2021

Stating The Obvious

…and waters wet, right? Fair enough. But consider for a moment where you want your business to be in five months. Or put another way, which of these two descriptions sounds better to you?
“My Painting Business Is…”
    A) Totally shut down from October to March
    B) Thriving for all 12 months of the year
Bzzzt! Pencils down. Okay, so… ready for the answer? You should be busy every single month of the year. Time is money and if you aren’t generating profit for an entire fourth of it you’re basically wasting three months of potential revenue. So what’s a paint contractor to do? Well while the answer is obvious the methods needed to achieve it probably aren’t for a lot of painters.

Make It Worth Your While

The trick to keeping your doors open year-round isn’t some get rich scheme or weird little trick. It’s simple planning and demand. Your business needs money to justify operating costs, to keep money coming in you need enough customers to support cash flow, to have enough customers to support cash flow throughout the winter months you need to be booking people in September for a timeslot in January. You need enough demand to keep you busy regardless of the season or time of year.

Prepare Now, Benefit Forever

Great, so how do I maintain demand for my services and employees when no one wants what I’m selling in the middle of February? Simple. You book as many customers as possible while it’s still warm outside. In fact you should be doing everything in your power right this very moment in July to adequately prepare.  What exactly does that look like? Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.

Time is a flat circle

Right now, as I write these very words, your painting business is probably totally flush with cash. You’ve been grinding hard all spring and summer. In fact you can’t recall a year you worked harder, you’re probably thinking, yah? Time for some new equipmentmaybe even an extra guy for the crew? Wrong! Right now is actually time to invest in making money. Making money for an extra three to four months of every year. Guaranteed monthly income AKA what actually pays for new trucks, new guys, and new trailers. Being able to afford those things now doesn’t mean you’ll be able to afford them in December. Keeping cash rolling in all winter requires you invest in marketing now. Spending month on new equipment means you’ll have even less cash on-hand with those extra monthly payments. Invest in marketing now and you’ll have money to burn 6 months from now.

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