“System Sabotage: Countering the Tricks Your Mind Plays that Keep You From Creating Systems That Could Change Everything”

We know we need to create systems and process for our company because they automate business and prevent the burnout that results from doing everything over like it was the first time. Everyone’s busy, but creating processes is the only way to end up winning. So why do we not create the systems and processes we need? Jamie Rowe, co-creator of the business manuals and employee handbooks used in iMay Media and Walls by Design, joins us to talk about how we unintentionally self-sabotage our process development every year, and she reveals the kind of mindset that can override the “old brain” so you can get your business in a place that will end up running itself.

*In the Game-Changer Lab, will help you develop a Game-Changing Plan to implement in your business right away. 

Included in the lab:

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