Lina Mascio of Old Mansion Inn | S2E4 | Paint Like A Girl - Pro Painter Network

Hosted by Steph & Christina Young w/ Lina Mascio

Welcome back to Paint Like A Girl! A podcast for women, by women, and all about navigating success in the world of professional painting.

Lina Mascio may have been new to the world of painting, but as she works to finish an incredible historical mansion in St. Augustine, Florida, she’s becoming a master of the trade. Not your typical painter’s conversation, Lina shares with us how her love for perfection introduced her to Fine Paints of Europe, the paint community, and classes like Zach Kenney’s where she could learn everything she needed to get the job done herself.

Lina explains how watching her mother willing to tackle any obstacle that came her way set her up for the belief that she too could do anything. She is demonstrating this grit and grace every day she works on this incredible project. We hope you find her as beyond impressive as we did!

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