“Origins: Living the Life I Love.”

Nick May is a serial entrepreneur and has successfully grown his painting business to be self-running and profitable after years of methodically implementing systems that automate production. In the early days of his business, Nick was like many other business owners in that he was dissatisfied with his career choice, and this led to feelings of mounting frustration and isolation. A breakthrough came after he listened to E-Myth author Michael Gerber 13 times and learned that he could run his business like a franchise that ran on systems with ordinary people trained in extraordinary ways. Nick will discuss the most important lessons he learned along the way from start-up to expansion, and he’ll explain why some of the most pivotal systems required to run a successful business are rarely comprehended or applied by most painting contractors. If you’re not sure if you hate or love your business on some days, learn how you can make your business work for you and use it to develop passive income so you can Live the Life you Love. 

*In the Game-Changer Lab, Nick will be joined by Noah Kantor in helping you develop a Game-Changing Plan to implement in your business right away. 

Included in the lab:

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