Value Proposition with Nick May | S4E8 | Pro Painter Podcast - Pro Painter Network

Hosted by Nick May

Hi there! Welcome back to the Pro Painter Podcast. Today, Nick May sits down with… actually there’s no guest this week. Don’t worry, nobody bailed on us. This week we bring you a Nick May solo episode.
Nick is all about connecting with people, and guiding painters on how to do business. You know one of his many mottos: “elevate the trade.” One way in which he carries that out is through the Business Brush group on Facebook, where painting business owners share experiences and learn from each other. Today Nick goes over one of the member’s posts, and helps us explore the concept of value proposition. What does the customer care about? What should you as a business owner care about? What type of customers do you want to work with?
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Moore Marketing Minute:

This week, our friend Tyler LaChapelle praises the Benjamin Moore site’s use of Microsoft Clarity (and encourages us to use it as well.)