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Paint Contracting COVID 2021

PPN Admin | June 7, 2021

Overview - Paint Contracting COVID 2021

Without getting into politics (there’s a comment section below!) it seems virtually certain that the US COVID-19 pandemic will be declared ended sometime this summer. If you’re reading this we can probably assume you made it through everything safe and sound. Congratulations! For many business owners this news can’t come soon enough as a re-opened country means more business, more people, and more money, even for paint contractors.

While this is all great news the process for getting “back to normal” looks like it will be extremely gradual at best. Unfortunately, this incremental change is likely to cause headaches for small business owners all across the country and even more so for businesses that send workers into client’s homes. So, in order to help you navigate this unique time we’ve put together a short guide to assist you in navigating it.

Regulations - Paint Contracting COVID 2021

COVID-19 restrictions are highly likely to become even more confusing before getting better depending on what part of the country you hail from. Currently restrictions/regulations for business operations is being governed at the local, state, and national level each with different, or in some cases, completely conflicting guidance. Frustrating doesn’t even begin to cut it. Paint contractor’s are especially vulnerable to this as much of the work takes places on or inside the personal or commercial residence of the customer.

The safest approach would be to adhere to all restrictions, everything from the CDC and down but it’s doubtful that’s necessary. In most jurisdictions it’s up tot the state to regulate the companies that conduct business within their border so it’s up to them as to which rules you have to follow. If you do business in multiple states than it’s likely you’re subject to the federal and state regulations. Local regulations likely apply no matter where you do business but do not overrule the state’s restrictions. If you’re concerned you may be in violation of these confusing rules we suggest reaching out to your local chamber of commerce for clarification.

Vaccines - Paint Contracting COVID 2021

Vaccines are a bit of a thorny issue at the moment to put it mildly. What you choose to do for or with your own business is completely up to you as far as the law is concerned. So long as you are in compliance with any state or local laws it remains entirely up to you how to run your privately held enterprise. It’s likely you will be able to mandate that your employees be vaccinated before you allow them to return and there’s no requirement (as of the day this was written) that you even have to ask what their status is. It’s up to each business owner to determine what’s right for how they run their business. No matter your decision you should keep in mind the demographics of your customers and their likely reaction to your company policies. The same goes for masks. Put your customers above your personal feelings and you might find it gives you an advantage above your competitors.

Customers - Paint Contracting 2021

With the pandemic winding down it’s only a matter or time before you or your employees will be interacting with customers sans mask or shield or in some cases unvaccinated customers. As a business owner it’s up to you to decide what you are or aren’t comfortable with. The same goes for employees. If an employee feels unsafe working with a client that refuses to take precautions it’s on them to communicate it to you or find a different place of employment. Most businesses, at a glance, appear to be content to not force the issue and assume everyone without a mask is properly vaccinated. What’s arguably most important to your paint contracting business is not alienating your customers. Have a plan in place for all contingencies before it becomes a problem so you can communicate effectively before any problems arise. 

Conclusion - Paint Contracting COVID 2021

This year is bound to be exciting no matter what happens and while the lack of clarity on what that process entails is without a doubt frustrating to most we can all take comfort in it nearly being over. Within a few short months this issue will be a thing of the past and you can return to business as usual. Just hang in there for 30-35 more days and get ready to party like its 2021.

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