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Paint Contractor Hiring Tips

PPN Admin | PPN Articles | March 8, 2021

Paint Contractor Hiring Tips

Hiring new workers can be a real pain in the bristles and is one of the most frequent questions we get from paint contractors. Everyone wants to know what the secret is even though there isn’t one. There’s no magic bullets in business. To hire effectively you need to create systems and processes designed to help you manage the process. But what about the people part of the equation. How do you find good workers capable of doing good work for your company? Let’s go over just a few short paint contractor hiring tips on what to look for when it comes to employees.

What To Look For

1. Punctuality - Paint Contractor Hiring Tips

No ones perfect when it comes to being on time but the difference in business is you’re being paid for it. Time is money, and no one likes to be told they have a dinner reservation at 6 but nowhere to sit when they show. Your customers are no different. If a potential hire can’t even show up on time for an interview it could be a red flag of what’s to come.

2. Character - Paint Contractor Hiring Tips

Honesty, work ethic, and integrity should be the number 1 factor in determining if you should hire someone doesn’t matter if it’s paint contracting, birthday clowning, or underwater basket weaving. The employee you can trust to work hard and never steal is the type of person who will always get the job done. Granted, not every person who walks through your door needs to be a saint. The important thing is they have enough character for you to invest the time and effort necessary to train them. If they quit a month after you hire them then not only are you down a worker, they’ve cost you monetarily.

What Not To Look For

1. Comprehension - Paint Contractor Hiring Tips

It’s like the old adage goes, people can always be taught. It might take some time but eventually anyone regardless of intelligence, talent, or skill can learn to handle a paintbrush. How quickly this happens comes down to you as the business owner. Having systems in place to train employees can heavily mitigate the cost of needing or valuing hires on any other metric other than being a good employee. Good employees keep your business running and problems from happening. 

2. How Well You Get Along - Paint Contractor Hiring Tips

Have you ever talked to a guy and just known you guys were gonna get along? Did you hire that person? It can be hard to say no to the person you think is the best. After all you’re the one calling the shots around here so why shouldn’t your opinion be the most important? You’re why any of this exists in the first place! We’ve all been there. But no matter how much you think its a good idea you know deep down that business and friendship never mix. Listen to your gut. Skip on the guy you’d like to have a beer with.

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