Painted By Kayla Payne, with Kayla Payne | S1E5 | Paint Like A Girl - Pro Painter Network

Hosted by Steph & Christina Young w/ guest Kayla Payne

Hello and welcome to Paint Like A Girl! A podcast for women, by women, and all about navigating success in the world of professional painting.
We are past the second base! This time, Steph and Christina interview Kayla Payne, a passionate furniture and cabinet painter who started Painted by Kayla Payne in her home of Harrison, Arkansas. (You may know that town for the Buffalo River!)
Kayla just really liked painting furniture. While working as a hairdresser and a house fixer-upper, customers approached her about furniture painting. She got painting projects, word spread, and she eventually became a full-time painter.
Kayla’s business is geared mainly towards DIYers. She got through the whole “small-town prices” threshold by shipping furniture nationally. Recently she developed an online course to teach DIYers proper painting techniques. Are you a DIYer? Then stick around. See you out there!
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