We're not done with PCA Expo yet.

This time Nick May is joined again by Chris Shank, as well as Nick Lograsso and Nick Slavik. (Chris & The Nicks is the name of their jam band, they're here all week.) In addition to excitement for the expo at large, the boys take a step back and really try to get at the core of what makes a trade association important and valuable in the first place. As business owners, as painters, as people.

Hey, you're people too! Go ahead and sound off in The Business Brush Group with your opinion as well. The more data and conversation, the better. Especially now, when we're all trying to figure out the best way to survive the current landscape.

Broad-strokes include: How to approach scope, clients don't read anything, revisiting paper in a digital world, feelings vs. data driven – and much more.

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