Pinterest and Tik Tok to Market Your Business with Kyla Herbes | S11E10 | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

Pinterest and Tik Tok to Market Your Business with Kyla Herbes | S11E10 | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

If you’re not using social media, our next guest highly recommends you start. On this week’s episode of The Business Brush, Kyla Herbes joins Nick May as they talk about using social media as a marketing tool for your business.

Specifically, Kyla talks about using Pinterest and Tik Tok to grow your business. Pinterest works like Google in that with the right keywords (SEO), users can reach you easily. Videos are trending and Tik Tok is perfect for showing short clips of what you can do. Better yet, you can pin your Tik Tok clip on Pinterest and reach even more people.

Kyla will be a speaker on Crank.0 January 12-16. Join Nick and Kyla along with a whole arsenal of industry playmakers! 

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Broad-strokes include: Treat pinterest like a search engine, Promote pins (posts) on Pinterest, use clips to teach or show your craft – and much more!

Click on the link to see Nick’s Tik Tok post.

Use Stats Check LOL to see which hashtags to use in your Tik Tok posts

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