Pro Image Painting's Steph & Christina Young on Hiring and Training | S3E10 | Pro Painter Podcast - Pro Painter Network

Pro Image Painting’s Steph & Christina Young on Hiring and Training | S3E10 | Pro Painter Podcast

Hosted by Nick May w/ guests Steph & Christina Young

Hey y’all! Welcome back to the Pro Painter Podcast. And look who we have here: Steph and Christina Young, owners of Pro Image Painting in New Hampshire, and beloved hosts of the Paint Like A Girl Podcast!
Steph and Christina return to give us an update on how things are going. Their team has been crushing it, booking projects left and right. Out of nowhere, however, they lost a painter and Steph had to get back on the brush to keep things running smoothly. It’s been working out, although finding a new hire is a challenge.
Among other things, Nick and the Youngs share their experiences hiring and training painters. It’s a daunting thought, and it hits hard when a candidate you invested money and time into leaves the business. That’s why we need to know what to look for in a potential hire. More importantly, how to train and treat that candidate so they stay with you for the long term.
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