Fear In Paint Contracting

I talk to painters and painting contractors on a daily basis. Many have fallen into our industry, and many are earnestly trying to figure it all out. One day they were just a painter, the next they realized they owned a painting company.

Paint Contracting 2021

paint contracting 2021

Paint Contracting In 2021 PPN Admin | February 19, 2021 Overview – Paint Contracting 2021 I think we can all agree that last year was completely crazy but 2021 is looking like it’s gonna be pretty eventful as well. So what are the trends that are likely to dominate this year? Seeing as the world […]

Pro Painter Podcast Series Premiere! | Nick May & Craig Bundren

Hosted by Nick May w/ guest Craig Bundren Hello and welcome to the Pro Painter Podcast! Same great content with a brand-new coat of paint and a few extra treats here and there. To start off our new series, Nick May is joined by Craig Bundren of Bundren Painting. A Houston native, Craig took over the […]

Crank.0 + Special Announcement | The Business Brush | Pro Painter Podcast

This Week’s Guest: Nick May Today on The Business Brush, we have a special announcement! The Business Brush will become the Pro Painter Podcast. Same great content! Same amazing host! Just a new name! We took recorded audio of Nick’s talk from our virtual conference Crank.0 we had in January. He talks about the Eeyore […]

Crank.0 Ticket Give Away

CRANK.0 TICKET GIVE AWAY Win free round-trip tickets to anywhere in the United States Crank.0 Tickets ENTER BY SHARING CRANK.0 USING HASHTAG #CRANK21 Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Does getting away from it all sound unbelievably nice right now? Maybe just a bit more than usual? Well we’re […]

How Paint Contracting Made Me Famous

Hey there, Chris Shank here, Education Director at the Pro Painter Network. How is your week going? I had a good laugh when someone messaged me yesterday on Instagram… “Wow. You’re on a poster with Gary V. Wow.” I laughed because I felt the same way. It is a big deal that Crank.0 on January […]

Bonus Lab – “Estimate Rocket: What it is and How it Works.”

One-liner: Everyone seems to be using Estimate Rockets tools these day to streamline business, track their CRM, and to get paid. Are you wondering how Estimate Rocket actually works? Join us for our Bonus Game-Changer Lab on Saturday morning with Estimate Rocket to see a demo of their powerful tools. Ask your questions LIVE to […]