Neighborhood Painter
Today on The Brush, Nick talks with novel guest Ryan Toelkes of KC Neighborhood Painting in Kansas City. The two chat about Ryan’s journey into the paint contracting business and how he’s managed to craft a thriving firm! But first, Nick invites Brush regular Nick Slavik back onto the pod to discuss just how much Nick loves the Datacolor Color Reader Pro.

Next, Ryan explains that KC Neighborhood painting covers all of the Kansas City metro area, including residential and commercial buildings, including the GE ERC world headquarters! The two then dive into marketing. Ryan says he prides himself on being one of the best paint contractors in his area and sees marketing as a way to “get their story out” to customers, so that they can tell what sets them apart. It’s something that he’s always enjoyed and developed a knack for — especially the online aspect of marketing, which has driven most of their sales. Ryan works SEO and social media and sees the returns clear as day.

Plus, we love Ryan’s attitude: he says that business growth is crucial to paying his employees more and being able to spend time with his family — which, after all, is why we all do what we do! Bravo, Ryan. Thanks for coming on the show!


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