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iMayMedia Web and Marketing with Tyler and Chandler
Welcome back to The Brush! Today we’re ecstatic to have two members of Nick’s iMayMedia group to talk all things digital. It’s a great look at iMayMedia, our new media company specializing in audio, video, web, and digital marketing.

Gone are the days of canvassing, mailers, and cold calling. Now, being successful in the digital space is the kicker in getting new clients and growing your business. We’re talking SEO, SEM, web development, concise writing, and creative solutions to showcase the unique aspects of your paint contracting company.

On the podcast you can also get to know Chandler, iMayMedia’s web developer. She’s originally from Nashville and became an expert on web development — wait for it — on her own time. Tyler’s been a mainstay at Walls By Design and iMayMedia for years now, and will be speaking again at CRANK 2.0. Don’t miss it!
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Don’t forget, CRANK 2.0 is quickly approaching. It’s a one-stop-shop for growing your business, here at iMayMedia headquarters in Denver, CO. Click here to learn more.

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