Navy turned Painter
Today on The Brush, Nick sits down with Jim Mallory of Mallory Paint Store in Seattle. As the owner of a paint store, he’s the very first guest on The Brush who isn’t a painter! Plus, he’s a Benjamin Moore dealer — so we’re doubly excited to have him on the show.

Jim is originally from Minnesota, but traveled the world in the Navy and says he “stuck around” in Seattle after leaving the armed forces. He’s always wanted to own a business and says that he weathered many crises in his years running Mallory Paint Store. Mostly, he’s succeeded in the trials by fire he has put himself through as a self-taught business owner, from leasing to supply and marketing.

Although Jim is a paint store owner, he talks about many of the same challenges we all have: standardizing systems, giving incentives to keep employees at the store, forecasting business, and dealing with painters and clients with unreasonable expectations. If you want to learn how bad business practices hurt paint retailers and the industry as a whole, listen further!

And a fun fact: Nick was very close to opening his own Benjamin Moore stores about 15 years ago!


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And stay tuned for updates on CRANK 2.0. We’ll be announcing pricing and application for Nick’s business forum that will take place in mid-September, as well as a potential workshop with Jim and other contractors in Seattle.

Thanks for listening!

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