S3 E5 – Getting the Most Out of Angie’s List: Nick LoGrasso | PAINTING PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH | Pro Painter Network

S3 E5 – Getting the Most Out of Angie’s List: Nick LoGrasso | PAINTING PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

Like Father Like Son
Welcome back! Today in The Lounge we have Nick LoGrasso, the owner of SNL Painting in St. Louis, MO. Nick was born and raised in the St. Louis area and still operates about 30 minutes from he grew up. He loves his business and friends, and two daughters! In his free time, he loves to hang out with his kids as much as he can, barbecue, cut his grass, and work on classic cars (when he actually has the time). Nick also jokes that he is “terribly” Midwest.
His dad was a painter, and when Nick graduated high school, his dad put him on a ladder during the day when he wasn’t working nights at a pizzeria. He then got a degree in Management and Information Services (MIS) in 2002. Now, his business mainly does residential re-paints but he says that he is trying to shift into commercial painting, which has a few perks: there’s no homeowner there, there’s a tight time schedule, it is mainly walls — not ceilings — and it takes less of a highly-skilled craftsman (no offense to all you commercial painters out there!).
Nick has optimized his Angie’s List account and eventually won a Super Service Award, and he’s also focused on SEO. Now, his Angie’s List has hundreds of comments and his business has quadrupled. For hiring, he focuses on culture and prioritizes cultivating a place where people want to work. He’s also not above poaching painters from the competition. At the office, Nick has an indispensable office administrator who does everything phone related, complex invoicing, and is starting to put their systems in binders.
Nick will be a guest speaker at this year’s PDCA!
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