This week on the Business Brush, Nick talks to Indianapolis-basis painter Luke Reynolds of All-IN Painting about his journey from working summers with his dad's painting company to pilot and aerospace administration major to owning his own painting company.

Managing a business with technology

Early in the life of his business, Reynolds started to use Business Brush sponsor Estimate Rocket to manage his crew of 10-15 painters and all his company's projects because it was an easy way to keep track of increasing business. Luke and Nick compare experiences using the platform and how they each use it.

Finding the right niche

They also discuss the tricky process of finding the best way to run a painting business. It's individual. Some companies naturally fall into subcontracting and make that work where others can't, and those companies might be most profitable doing residential. Reynolds discusses his trial-and-error process finding what works best for All-IN.

To see examples of All-IN working its best, go to and visit All-IN's Facebook page.

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