TAMA Painting's Own Pro Painter Phil Cline | S2E2 | Pro Painter Podcast - Pro Painter Network

Hosted by Nick May w/ guest Phil Cline

Nick sits down on this week’s episode of Pro Painter Podcast with old friend of the show (and official Pro Painter), Phil Cline of TAMA Painting. For those of you haven’t met Phil yet, he started out working for a friend of his mother’s back in college. He did everything! From concrete to remodeling,  landscaping, fencing, to painting which he enjoyed the most.
When he finally started his own business, he still did everything! Sound familiar? Spraying, staining, you name it. Phil was hesitant to hire employees for a while. Eventually, he realized it was more efficient (and completely necessary) to build a team rather than just keep working solo. He now has nearly 10 workers, not only increasing productivity but also freeing him up to grow the business, make the job more enjoyable, and live the life he loves.
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This week, Alberto Romo of iMay stresses the importance of quality photos and hiring a professional photographer.