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Top 3 Methods To Get More Paint Contracting Leads

PPN Admin | PPN ARTICLES | March 5, 2021

How Do I Get More Paint Contracting Leads?

Generating more paint contracting leads can be a difficult process no matter how big your company is. Why? Because no matter how big you get as a business you will always be trying to grow and expand and improve. Getting more customers when you’re already established and well-known can be as challenging as no one even knowing you exist. So how do you fix it? Well the trick to lead generation for paint contractors is to truly understanding your target demographic. But don’t just stop there, you’ve gotta think about the bigger picture and ask yourself “how do people find me, what do I bring that my competition doesn’t, how do my customers communicate”. These questions are the secret to understanding how to get as much new business as possible.

1. Customer Referrals - Get More Paint Contracting Leads

This one’s pretty simple but it can be easy to overlook. Your customers are your biggest asset and your best advocates. You spend countess hours keeping them happy, making sure their needs are met, and that no matter what they’re left with a good impression of you and your business. Your hope is that they talk to everyone they can about how great the painter they hired was and how they should use them the next time they do some home renovations. Hoping isn’t good enough! Reward your customers with discounts for every person they bring to you. Provide them a benefit for making sure you get as much new business as possible.

2. Leave Behinds - Get More Paint Contracting Leads

Leave behinds are little keepsakes you give to your customer before exiting a job site. These can be anything from business cards, pre-prepared thank you notes, fridge magnets, paper insert, or any other type of small item with your company’s contact information displayed on it that your customer is likely to hold onto. While this may seem link a sunk cost its actually the complete opposite. By leaving your customer with a way of easily sharing your paint contracting service to their friends and family you are creating large sources of opportunity that can convert into business for years and years to come. Just remember not to spend too much on each item and that creativity or usefulness always works.

3. Social Groups - Get More Paint Contracting Leads

You can find discussion groups all over Facebook. Everything from home owners to real estate developers and home builders. Everyone likes to feel like they’re getting the best service, the best deal, and working with the best people. Investing the time to network and create contacts can bring you all sorts of opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have. Take the time to talk to potential customers and its likely you’ll get a paying customer out of it sooner than later.

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