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Top Paint contractor podcast in 2021

As you may know, I’ve been a podcaster for longer than most people have even known what podcasting was. I remember early on, telling people that I had a podcast, and asking if they knew what it was, and they’d reply, “Of course, I watch podcasts all the time.” Ugh.  I’ve been podcasting for about 11 years now. My first podcast was called Small Business Naked, and it was all about the entrepreneurial story.  It was a great to connect and meet some amazing business owners, I learned a lot about business direct from successful business owners…AND about podcasting. 

As paint contractors, we have a TON of time to listen to content and to educate ourselves. Therefore, listening to podcasts, should be something EVREY painter is doing. Obviously, I want everyone to know about my podcast, The Pro Painter Podcast, originally branded as The Business Brush. I (mostly)  interview painting contractors that own successful businesses. We talk a lot about systems and processes based on my own experience growing and building my painting business, Walls by Design, in Denver, CO. 

So, that leads me to my top 5 list.  What other podcasts do I, as a painting contractor, recommend that you also listen to. This list is in no real order, they allbut since Google likes top 5 lists, I thought I would put it in a countdown.

This podcast is produced and managed by the PCA, and features painting contractors, and contractor resources on a weekly basis.

This podcast is hosted by Noah Kanter, and painting contractor based in Vermont.  Noah documents his journey as he builds his contracting business, and bringing others in for great conversations. 

This podcast is produced and managed by American Painting Contractor magazine and is hosted by Emily Howard and Andrew Dwyer.  The content on this podcast closely shadows the content featured in their trade magazine.

This podcast is produced by iMay Media (my company), and has a very specific goal:  to feature women in the world of paint contracting.  Hosts Steph and Kristina Young talk about their journey of building their business, and feature other women working in the industry.

Okay, this one is not specifically for painting contractors, BUT, it might be the one that has influenced me the most of all the podcast that I’ve been listened to for over a decade. Host Tim Reid interviews small business owners from around the world and will help you understand how to market your painting business.  

Listening to podcasts while you work, drive, or walk the dog, is a great way to build knowledge and leverage your time. If you are new to podcasting, I suggest listening to a few. You’re sure to find one that speaks to you. 

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