Tyger Lily Designs' Miquel McCarley & Alaina Van Leuven | S1E1 | Paint Like A Girl - Pro Painter Network

Tyger Lily Designs’ Miquel McCarley & Alaina Van Leuven | S1E1 | Paint Like A Girl

Hosted by Steph & Christina Young w/ guests Miquel McCarley & Alaina Van Leuven

Hello and welcome to Paint Like A Girl! A podcast for women, by women, and all about navigating success in the world of professional painting.
For our first episode, we tho- … what’s that? Okay. Okay fine, you got us. Technically this is the second episode we’re posting. But really that other one was more of a pilot. This is our real first episode. Flying solo. Look ma, no hands!
Reacquaint yourself with Steph and Christina as they interview Miquel McCarley and Alaina Van Leuven from Tyger Lily Designs & Interiors. A pair of pros including a 4TH GENERATION PAINTER, they adopt a “family first” approach that’s encouraged in both their personal and professional relationships.
They’re successful. They’re creative. And they set boundaries for their clients that keep them happy. You’re gonna want to listen to this one. See you out there!
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