We recently announced Crankstart 2021, submit a project is now open to all PPN members, and we’ve got alot planned this year in features and tools to make PPN even better than ever. Happy July everyone!

  1. Crankstart 2021 – This is going to be our annual conference for more entry level business topics and less experienced contractors looking for a good place to start (get it). Held in Denver, our home turf, it’s gonna be an amazing time no matter what. You’ll get to meet the whole team, you’ll get to see Nick in person after he’s gotten an amazing tan over the summer. Don’t miss out.
  2. Submit A Project – This is our new tool to help paint contractors feature the best of their work. Basically it works like this, you send us all the juicy details on a job you completed that you’d like to showcase, we put it on our social media, you get free advertising to everyone that follows us.
  3. Stay Tuned – We’ve got alot we’re gonna be going into detail soon in regards to changes and a changelog so you can see and track all the edits we make so it’s not so confusing for everyone involved.

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