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January 12, 2021 - January 16, 2021


Crank.O Is Perfect For

Painters Tired Of Struggling Long Hours For Little Pay

Paint Contractors Struggling To Grow Their Business

Painters Ready To Go From Grind To Growth

Business Owners Whose Growth Has Bottlenecked

What To Expect

The CRANK.O online painter’s conference is a 3-day event where industry experts pull back the curtain on the systems, practices, and processes behind how they built their thriving painting businesses. Every day you’ll hear from speakers, discover the systems behind making your business big, and enjoy learning the actual processes to building a business you love.

What Paint Contractors Say About CRAnk

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Coming to Crank gave me an understanding of what I should be doing. I was working 80 hours a week…I haven’t picked up a brush in 3 months.

Andy Dino, Mohawk Valley Painting
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I loved it…It was mind blowing information…If you want to really grow your business, I think this is an amazing opportunity experience.

Ryan Perry
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I highly recommend this for painting contractors out there that would like to take it to the next step and grow.

Ray Rahni, Paint Track Painting Services
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Biggest takeaway…Every day, it is imperative for us to do the things we are uncomfortable with.

JP Carlton, Carlton Building Services
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It was amazing.

Phil Cline, Tama Painting
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Amazing. Every time. Blows it out of the water.

Chris Mole, Mr. Mole’s Painting

2021’s Theme: Elevate

CRANK.O has one goal, to help painters build high income businesses they love. For 2021 we are going to show you how to Elevate your business using systems to develop hyper-efficient management, marketing, and sales. Let’s work together so we can Elevate the standard of excellence for the entire industry!

Secure Your Seat At The 9 Game Changer Workshops And Conference Replays!

Every year we hold additional, private, small seat workshops called Game Changers. These are high intensity sessions where you can ask our experts your most burning questions, get personalized insight into how to implement the systems shared in the talks into your businesses, and more. Workshop attendees also get access to all replays of industry speakers available online. 

If you want to get insider access, talk directly with our experts, and get detailed insight into how to make these systems work for you be sure to add the 9 Game Changers sessions at checkout.