The PRO PAINTER NETWORK has standards that ensure the success for everybody involved in the network.


  • All member companies in the Pro Painter Network are required to complete PPN’s Roadmap To Profit and retain the certificate of completion to gain entrance into PPN membership and programming.
  • Member companies will be properly licensed as mandated by local licensing requirements (state and contractor). Licenses not required by the state or local municipalities are not required by PPN.
  • Member companies will maintain proper and updated insurance policies for workers comp, company liability, and for all motor vehicles.
  • Member companies who provide service on homes built before 1978 must maintain an updated RRP Certification issued by the EPA.



  • All member companies in the Pro Painter Network will demonstrate to customers a fresh expression of industry professionalism on both a corporate and individual basis, and will conduct themselves with integrity and courtesy both publicly and privately.
  • Member companies will exhibit safe practices that keep customers and employees safe, and will comply with all necessary safety codes. 
  • Member companies will provide service to their customers that is top-tier in quality and craftsmanship, and will honor all contracts and agreements that clearly define the scope of work for all projects. No projects will be initiated without clearly written agreements.
  • All member companies will educate and enforce considerate behavior and conversation among their employees within working hours, both on and off the worksite, and will provide non-disruptive, mannerly work.


  • All member companies in the Pro Painter Network will comply with all state and federal regulations, and will conduct business in an ethical and legal manner.
  • Member companies will model a respectful attitude to all employees in it’s company, and will require mutual respect on its team.
  • Member companies will ensure that all work environments and it’s workplace culture are safe for all employees, ensure fair and equal treatment, and are conducive to the overall health and wellbeing of its employees. 
  • Member companies shall remain in compliance with all federal and state safety regulations and labor laws. 
  • Member companies will provide all employees with an updated employee handbook, and will follow and post updated labor and human resource guidelines in compliance with labor laws.
  • Member companies must have documented safety procedures and orders of operation on file. 


  • The Pro Painter Network is a premium brand and works hard to elevate the industry and foster the growth of superior painting contractors. 
  • Member companies of PPN must at all times and in all places act as befits painting companies of the highest caliber in the painting industry, and must exhibit a form of new professionalism in accordance with PPN’s example of superior quality, workmanship, management, leadership and business ethics. 
  • Member companies must agree to become full-time ambassadors of the PPN brand. Negativity and defeatist thinking does not have a place in our education or in our peer-to-peer community. Slander or defamation of PPN and any sponsors, partners, affiliates, and members that comprise it is detrimental to the community of professional painters as a whole, and will not be tolerated. 
  • Misrepresentation of the PPN brand or misuse of the PPN logo in any way is grounds for revocation of membership


*Interpretation and enforcement of PPN’s 4 Principles is solely at the discretion of PPN leadership and administration.


All presenters, facilitators, speakers, educators, and Caliber 10 leaders are expected to understand and represent the professionalism and integrity of the Pro Painter Network’s 4 Principles. 

The Pro Painter Network (PPN) recognizes that the professional reputations of all presenters and educators engaged with PPN programming will become synonymous with the superior quality education and training offered at PPN education events and will be viewed as credible business resources for contractors. It is therefore necessary, for the continued success and stellar reputation of all presenters associated with PPN, that PPN programming and education maintain consistency and alignment between its principles, products, and services. To that end, all presenters for any of PPN education events and programming must be prepared to agree to the following standards:

  • Understanding of, and adherence to, the professionalism and integrity of Pro Painter Network’s 4 Principles
  • Delivery of presentation or course, as approved by PPN, without disproportionate marketing or endorsement of company, product, or services.
  • Limitation of company logos, product name, and/or branding.
  • Distribution of information and handouts solely with intent to reinforce learning objectives.
  • Creative teaching techniques and devices appropriate for learning objectives and learning styles of attendees.
  • Accuracy of all presentation materials and information.
  • Conciseness of presentation-timing to fit parameters of course schedule.
  • Refraining from requiring attendees to submit contact information.
  • Direct coordination with, and required approval of, PPN’s Professional Development Director (Chris Shank) for all details relevant to presentation information and materials, event logistics, and delivery specifications.
  • Consistent and optimistic representation of PPN and all of its representatives, materials, and education in presenter’s verbiage, conduct, and content in accordance with the superior quality and integrity of PPN’s 4 Principles.

It is the sole prerogative of PPN to select presenters for all PPN education events, online or regional, including Crank events. PPN bases its decisions on the knowledge and expertise of the speaker, relevance and usefulness of information, freshness of voice and presence, uniqueness of perspective and delivery, record of previous engagement results with various audiences, and with priority consideration given to PPN Partners and Sponsors.

all pro painter network services and member benefits aim to elevate painting contractors by helping them build the kind of business that suits their life and helps them create the life they love.