Crankstart 2021 - Pro Painter Network

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Crankstart 2021

OCT 7-9

Tru by Hilton
Denver, CO

About the event

Our success Story, Straight To You

Let me guess.  When you started your painting business, you dreamed of a profitable enterprise that allowed you the freedom and money to live your life in the way you wanted. However, now that you’re a couple of years in, you’re finding the opposite is true. 

My name is Nick May and I’ve owned a successful painting business for 22 years. I remember those 60-hour work weeks and days spent putting out fires very well. It took a lot of trial and error, but I finally arrived at a place where my business was secure, and I was able to live the life I had imagined when I started my company over two decades ago.

I would love to invite you to join me and about 40 other contractors from around the country in Denver on October 7th for our inaugural Crankstart. We will share how you can obtain freedom in your business and your life and not only make a consistent paycheck but make more money than you’ve ever made before.

If you’re anything like most painters, you’re good, if not GREAT at painting.  The problem is you were never taught how to run a business.  I want to help you understand the importance of systems, how to know and understand your numbers, and how to effectively market your company. Not only that, but I want to connect you to other painters from around the country who have experienced similar struggles and successes.

Nick May, owner of Walls By Design and Pro Painter Network

Event Details

Just the facts


Business owners and paint contractors who are starting out, ready to get serious about taking control of their business, reduce stress and succeed.

(People who haven’t been to a Crank event.)


October 7th, 2021 @6P (Thursday)

October 8th, 2021 @830A (Friday)

October 9th, 2021 @9A (Saturday)

Standard Pricing:

(lasts thru September 18th)




additional $200

additional $100

(VIP Access includes live online access and on-demand recordings after the event)

What's included:

(with ticket purchase)

  • Attendance to entire event
  • Lunch (FRI, SAT), dinner (FRI)
  • Drinks (THU, TBD)
  • Access to discounted hotel rate**

*First-time and second-time Crank attendees
**Use “Tru by Hilton” link above


Itinerary + Topics

Seasoned Experts, Talking Shop


  • Introductions
  • 6P | Cocktail Social


  • 845A | The Three Phases of Business
  • 1030A | What’s Your “Why”?
  • 12P | Lunch
  • 1P | It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal
  • 2P | Workshop
  • 3P | Roadmap to Profit
  • 4P | 5 Processes Everyone Needs
  • 5P | Panel w/ Walls By Design team
  • 7P | Dinner


  • 845A | Friday Q&A
  • 915A | Know Your Numbers
  • 10A | Marketing 101 w/ Tyler L.
  • 11A | Marketing Workshop
  • 1130A | Job Costing
  • 12P | Lunch
  • 1230P | Talking Systems
  • Out on the town!


Past event

Crank 2020, Denver

Here’s a video of last year’s Crank event in Denver, shot and recorded by Pro Painter and longtime friend Eddie Bourbeau (All Island Applications).


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! It’s just an additional $200 for someone to participate at Crankstart with you. 

We’ve listed our itinerary and will send out an exact schedule closer to the event, but you must be in Denver and at the Tru Hotel by 6PM on Thursday to catch our meet and greet cocktail party.

Not at all, but we highly recommend it to get the full experience, and the most bang for your buck. A lot of the value of events like these is linking up and talking with others (including our staff and speakers) throughout the weekend.

Officially, the event will be over by 2PM on Saturday. However! Everyone is invited and encouraged to stay until Sunday morning, so we can all go out Saturday night and enjoy Denver together.

Yup! Though you will need to purchase the VIP Access add-on ($100) to enjoy the on-demand video library after the event.