ROADMAP TO PROFIT Roadmap to Profit is an online course with over 30 sessions, focused on teaching painting contractors the basics of business management.  We are making no performance promises.  We will be adding to the content and updating content on a regular basis.  All content is the exclusive property of iMay Media, and cannot be used outside of the course for any reason without written permission.  

We want to make Roadmap registrants aware of the following clarifications/limitations of the Money Back Guarantee:

“1oo% money back guarantee to double your business. This course is 100% guaranteed to double your business in 2-3 years or we will refund your money.” (cited in sales email)


  • The refund offered is the original purchase price of the Roadmap To Profit program ($650, or less with discount). The refund does not include any other programs or subscriptions purchased before or after the original purchase of the Roadmap program.
  • The refund is promised only with qualifying demonstration of the failure of a business to double in gross revenue size after a maximum of 3 years. 
  • The Roadmap to Profit program is targeted towards business in the small business range of revenue, and under $500k in gross revenue. Though Roadmap can be used by larger businesses to increase revenue, the revenue-doubling guarantee is aimed at small businesses and does not apply to businesses over $500k in gross revenue.
  • The money-back guarantee applies only to businesses that have fully completed the Roadmap to Profit program and can sufficiently demonstrate that they have applied the concepts from Roadmap consistently in their business for up to 3 years. 
  • All Pro Painter Network (PPN) members are expected to abide by PPN’s Four Principles clarifying the obligations and accountability for PPN members-in-good-standing.
  • Non-compliance with the Four Principles is grounds for removal of any member at the discretion of PPN administration
  • All insurance and licensure of members must remain updated for members to remain in good standing

all pro painter network services and member benefits aim to elevate painting contractors by helping them build the kind of business that suits their life and helps them create the life they love.