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The Business of Painting

Join Morgan Knox as she meets business owners of all stripes from the world of painting. From marketing to management, habits to human resources – the Pro Painter Podcast is here to share lessons, wisdom and great stories from the people who’ve lived them.

Each episode of the Pro Painter Podcast features a quick marketing lesson, courtesy of our sponsor – and proud Pro Painter Partner – Benjamin Moore. A member of the iMay Marketing team briefly discusses a marketing topic, offering invaluable quick tips and insights for business-minded painters everywhere. Tune in each week for something new.

Putting down the brush...

Long-time listeners know that the Pro Painter Podcast began its life as The Business Brush, and has already been serving paint owners for years. We’re using the same podcast feed, so there’s no need to resubscribe.

You can still visit the old website anytime by clicking the button below.

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