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Get the support and guidance you need to succeed as a contractor

Join an open forum of like-minded contractors to discuss trends, network, and mastermind on best practices. Connect with peers and gain the support you need to succeed.

It’s lonely in business

Find the support you need to improve your business and personal life from a community of professionals who understand the challenges you face. The Contractor Lab connects you with peers in a safe, collaborative environment so you can discuss trends and industry news, hotseat issues, mastermind on best practices, and get support for making your life better.

How Does It Work?

The Contractor Lab is a community “Open Work Forum”, that opens for members at the same time and place every week. Like a Virtual Maker Space focused on developing better businesses- members come to the Lab whenever they need, to workshop solutions, find out the best ways to use the tools they have, and learn some new skills from their peers.

Don’t Miss Another Discussion

Open Work Forums are spaces dedicated to professional and personal development, designed to be adaptable to the needs of the members. The Lab takes the form of a Zoom call each week, dedicated to providing members with the space (mental and physical) to unpack the realities of their businesses- and how it impacts their personal lives, too.
The Contractor Lab is member-directed: you drive the show! The Network provides plenty of tools, resources, and opportunities for connection, but it’s how you use them that makes an impact. The Lab is where members bring their questions, issues, insight, best practices, and more to contribute and learn from each other.

Social Proof Stuff

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Social Proof Stuff

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Join forces with a powerful network of contractors

Get engaged with the discussions that are most relevant to you and your business. Connect with peers every week to mastermind best practices, get support for improving your business, and make your life better. The Contractor Lab is the perfect solution to connect you with the ideas and people that matter the most!

Get the support you need

Get connected with peers who are on the same journey as you and get support for your business goals. We’re taking the momentum we gained from Facebook groups and podcasts, and launching live-conversations every week to share ideas, strategies, and resources to help each other succeed and grow in the contractor world.
Morgan Knox, The Contractor Lab Host

Get the insights you need from an industry expert.

Get the insights and support you need to succeed. The Contractor Lab, hosted by industry expert Morgan Knox, is an opportunity to engage in weekly development sessions driven by community members and facilitated by a professional coach.
An open forum means members drive the discussion- so it’s always most relevant to what the community is looking for information on. On-demand topics and opportunities for deep-work sessions as a group means community problem-solving is going further than ever before.
Contractor Lab host, Morgan Knox, keeps the discussion moving in a productive direction by offering feedback, pointing members towards additional resources and support, and sharing insight from her years consulting and coaching hundreds of contractors in multiple home service industries.

Our Guarantee: Community Guarantees Success ...
and We Back It Up

There is nothing as powerful as when communities form around the pursuit of great ideas. At the Network, we’re so passionate about this philosophy that we back up our community promise with a guarantee.

If you join as a member and engage in every online event for a month, and you don’t think you’ve received the value of your investment in the community- we’ll refund your entire community contribution. No Questions Asked.

Simply email your request to and we’ll make good on our word.

There’s Nothing to Lose- and a Whole World to Gain.

Our goal at the network is to create so much incredible value for our members that they never want to leave. Our guarantee ensures that you’re never worried about risking your investment in becoming a member of the network. Our experience tells us that the community you’ll experience will change your life.

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